About Us

We make a  difference in your lives

our mission

To provide inclusive service that aims to build ability in all clients

our vision

To provide quality of care support and services as a platform for enabling and maintaining a sense of purpose and independence in life.

our values

All of Orion Care operations and activities are built upon the Values of: Integrity, Reliability, Consistency

Our Management are healthcare experts with several years of experience in clinical roles. Whilst working in their specialist fields, they have been appreciated for their innovative initiatives and contribution in bringing change and improvements in their respective fields.

Their approach and contribution has been acknowledged and respected at international levels. It is their drive and passion for improvement and in-depth knowledge that underpins our culture of excellence in all our services.

From minute details in our house designs, engagement of our clients in each step and our staff culture and the services we provide all are with a vision to create independence for our clients and help them achieve a sense of purpose in life.

Managing Director, Orion Innovation Homes and our project partners