Service fee for all our support services is in line with NDIS price guide

Support Item NumberSupport Item NameRate AUDGST or GST Free?
01_002_0107_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities W/Day Night Standard TTP        $67.03GST Free
01_010_0107_1_1Assist Self Care Activities Sleepover $242.95GST Free
01_011_0107_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities W/Day Daytime Standard TTP $59.81GST Free
01_012_0107_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities Pub Hol Standard TTP $132.09GST Free
01_013_0107_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities Saturday Standard TTP $83.89GST Free
01_014_0107_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities Sunday Standard TTP $107.99GST Free
01_015_0107_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities W/Day Evening Standard TTP $65.82GST Free
01_054_0115_1_1STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:2 – Weekday $982.45GST Free
01_055_0115_1_1STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:2 – Saturday $1,227.29GST Free
01_056_0115_1_1STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:2 – Sunday $1,527.17GST Free
01_057_0115_1_1STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:2 – Public Holiday $1,826.93GST Free
01_058_0115_1_1STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:1 – Weekday $1,781.49GST Free
01_059_0115_1_1STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:1 – Saturday $2,271.17GST Free
01_060_0115_1_1STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:1 – Sunday $2,870.93GST Free
01_061_0115_1_1STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:1 – Public Holiday $3,470.45GST Free
01_082_0115_1_1Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) $130.49GST Free
01_300_0104_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities W/day Daytime Level 1 TTP $59.81GST Free
01_301_0104_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities W/day Evening Level 1 TTP $65.82GST Free
01_302_0104_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities W/day Saturday Level 1 TTP $83.89GST Free
01_303_0104_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities W/day Sunday Level 1 TTP $107.99GST Free
01_304_0104_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities W/day Pub Hol Level 1 TTP $132.09GST Free
01_305_0104_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities W/day Night Level 1 TTP $67.03GST Free
01_400_0104_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities W/day Daytime Level 2 TTP $64.50GST Free
01_401_0104_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities W/day Evening Level 2 TTP $70.99GST Free
01_402_0104_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities W/day Saturday Level 2 TTP $90.49GST Free
01_403_0104_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities W/day Sunday Level 2 TTP $116.48GST Free
01_404_0104_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities W/day Pub Hol Level 2 TTP $142.47GST Free
01_405_0104_1_1_TAssist Self Care Activities W/day Night Level 2 TTP $72.30GST Free
01_600_0114_1_1Health Supports Enrolled Nurse W/Day Daytime $86.62GST Free
01_601_0114_1_1Health Supports Enrolled Nurse W/Day Evening $95.55GST Free
01_602_0114_1_1Health Supports Enrolled Nurse Saturday $123.57GST Free
01_603_0114_1_1Health Supports Enrolled Nurse Sunday $142.05GST Free
01_604_0114_1_1Health Supports Enrolled Nurse Pub Hol $160.52GST Free
01_605_0114_1_1Health Supports Enrolled Nurse W/Day Night $97.33GST Free
01_606_0114_1_1Health Supports Registered Nurse W/Day Daytime $107.25GST Free
01_607_0114_1_1Health Supports Registered Nurse W/Dday Evening $118.31GST Free
01_608_0114_1_1Health Supports Registered Nurse Saturday $153.05GST Free
01_609_0114_1_1Health Supports Registered Nurse Sunday $175.95GST Free
01_610_0114_1_1Health Supports Registered Nurse Pub Hol $198.85GST Free
01_611_0114_1_1Health Supports Registered Nurse W/Day Night $120.51GST Free
01_741_0128_1_3Assess Recommend. Therapy And/or Training (Incl. AT) – OtherTherapy $193.99GST Free
01_797_0115_1_1PPE ( Gloves, Masks, Face Shield) $                  GST Free
01_801_0115_1_1Assist Supported Living W/day Daytime Standard $57.30GST Free
01_802_0115_1_1Assist Supported Living W/Day Evening Standard $63.07GST Free
01_803_0115_1_1Assist Supported Living W/day Night Standard $64.23GST Free
01_804_0115_1_1Assist Supported Living Saturday Standard $80.39GST Free
01_805_0115_1_1Assist Supported Living Sunday Standard $103.48GST Free
01_806_0115_1_1Assist Supported Living Pub Hol Standard$126.56GST Free
01_811_0115_1_1Assist Supported Living W/day Daytime High Int$62.01GST Free
01_812_0115_1_1Assist Supported Living W/Day Evening High Int$68.25GST Free
01_813_0115_1_1Assist Supported Living W/day Night High Int$69.50GST Free
01_814_0115_1_1Assist Supported Living Saturday High Int $86.99GST Free
01_815_0115_1_1Assist Supported Living Sunday High Int $111.98GST Free
01_816_0115_1_1Assist Supported Living Pub Hol High Int $136.96GST Free
01_832_0115_1_1Assist Supported Living Sleepover $243.22GST Free
04_102_0125_6_1_TAccess Comm Soc & Rec Standard Pub Hol TTP $132.09GST Free
04_103_0125_6_1_TAccess Comm & Rec Act W/Day Evening TTP $65.82GST Free
04_104_0125_6_1_TAccess Comm Soc & Rec W/Day Daytime Standard TTP $59.81GST Free
04_105_0125_6_1_TAccess Comm Soc & Rec Saturday Standard TTP $83.89GST Free
04_106_0125_6_1_TAccess Comm Soc & Rec Sunday Standard TTP $107.99GST Free
04_106_0136_6_1_TGroup Activities – Standard – Public Holiday – TTP $132.26GST Free
04_300_0104_1_1_TAccess Community, Social And Rec Activities – Leve $59.81GST Free
04_302_0104_1_1_TAccess Community, Social And Rec Activities – Leve $83.89GST Free
04_600_0104_6_1_TGroup Activities W/day Daytime High Int TTP $64.59GST Free
04_602_0104_6_1_TGroup Activities Saturday High Int TTP$90.61GST Free
06_431_0131_2_2Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) 
GST Free
07_002_0106_8_3Level 2: Coordination Of Supports $100.14GST Free
15_036_0114_1_3Individual Assessment and Support by a Nurse$124.05GST Free
15_055_0128_1_3Physiotherapy $224.62GST Free
15_400_0114_1_3Health Supports Enrolled Nurse W/Day Daytime$86.62GST Free
15_401_0114_1_3Health Supports Enrolled Nurse W/Day Evening$95.55GST Free
15_402_0114_1_3Health Supports Enrolled Nurse Saturday$123.57GST Free
15_403_0114_1_3Health Supports Enrolled Nurse Sunday$142.05GST Free
15_404_0114_1_3Health Supports Enrolled Nurse Public Holiday$160.52GST Free
15_405_0114_1_3Health Supports Enrolled Nurse W/Day Night$97.33GST Free
15_406_0114_1_3Health Supports Registered Nurse W/Day Daytime $107.25GST Free
15_407_0114_1_3Health Supports Registered Nurse W/Day Evening $118.31GST Free
15_408_0114_1_3Health Supports Registered Nurse Saturday$153.05GST Free
15_409_0114_1_3Health Supports Registered Nurse Sunday $175.95GST Free
15_410_0114_1_3Health Supports Registered Nurse Public Holiday $198.85GST Free
15_411_0114_1_3Health Supports Registered Nurse W/Day Night $120.51GST Free