Let us create your independence together

Orion is the brightest & most prominent cluster of stars in the night sky. 

At Orion Care, we truly believe that having NDIS participants and their family members trusting us to deliver care, is an ultimate and absolute privilege. 

Orion’s shape is that of a warrior. It is the spirit and heart of a warrior which drives the Orion Care team to assist people in achieving their goals by encouraging them to reach for the stars at every stage of their journey

Orion Care's aim is to empower our people through specialised individually tailored living centred around choice, independence and reaching for the stars in every area of life.


We are committed to bringing innovation to you from across the globe


We take pride from partnering with & providing only the most skilled allied health therapists who are passionate and focused on helping you achieve your goals.


We 100% believe in your abilities! But we recognise and can assist when challenges arise.

Support workers

Highly trained and passionate support workers who share our vision.

Medical support

Some hospital admissions can be prevented with early access to medical services. Orion has some of the best GPs working with us and all our houses have provisions for telehealth and access to emergency doctors.